SPIRIT’s team includes professionals in specialized fields of expertise. Each bring major gifts and talents for strengthening Spirit’s personnel package and ensuring a successful venture.

SPIRIT, Inc. currently has a satellite offices located in Bristol, Tennessee and Orlando, Florida.

With any software project, the IT Team is critical to reaching desired outcomes. SPIRIT is working with some of the best in the country, which gives the SPIRIT organization a strong competitive edge.  With our additional team of IT and subject matter experts in the fields of project management, financial management, juvenile justice, information sharing, privacy, confidentiality and working the field of at-risk youth and family services, criminal justice, specialty courts and youth and community initiatives and administration, SPIRIT is primed for success.

SPIRIT’s team has an extensive history of working together to bring innovation and user-friendly solution sets to local agencies and providers all over America.

SPIRIT’s leadership team has been involved in deployments of the platform in Las Vegas, Nevada’s Social Services (Adult and Juvenile Mental Health and Homelessness Solution), Law Enforcement, Juvenile Court, and Department of Children Services (DCS); Bristol, Kingsport and Sullivan Courts and Family Services in Tennessee; and Law Enforcement in Tallahassee.

SPIRIT provides the real-time tool allowing for communication, connectivity and accountability for the entire process in the areas of triage, management and delivery.

SPIRIT’s CEO, COO and CIO have all worked together on other social innovation projects including a National Call Center CRM project, in which tens of thousands of callers were connected to services and help organizations in their local area. They were instrumental in the development, administration, implementation and management of the system.

Through a project called Destructive Issues, the SPIRIT team came together and developed a mobile application on Android and iPhone bringing education and awareness to the top issues facing youth and families.

Downloaded in over 30 countries, Destructive Issues was a tool set for juveniles and adults alike to connect with services and help through a single application.

A Solution For

Judicial Agencies


Courtrooms, Intake Officers, Parole Officers and more can make intelligence-based referrals from the bench or prior to appearance.

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family services


Anyone in the role of servicing youth & families can use SPIRIT to connect the hurting with help and access real-time data on all clients.

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law enforcement


Police officers, truancy officers, gang officials, detectives and community watch patrols can connect youth based on risk factors & interests.

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school districts


Real time tracking of every youth in the system with record access at various state & local agencies help with threat assessment & guidance.

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service provider


Receive more referrals, more clients, more funding and provides real-time tracking of youth enrolled in your services through the SPIRIT program.

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