System Security

System Security

SPIRIT and the ‘Cloud’

SPIRIT is partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host the SPIRIT Case Management System (SCMS) and its features.  SCMS provides customers with a robust data backend solution. SCMS is a total web-based application, the process to access SCMS from most devices equipped with Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or other modern web browser and an Internet connection are the only requirements.

SPIRIT provides to all SCMS users a secure connection to SPIRIT based on a 2048 bit encryption using the newest SHA-2 HTTPS standard. Each organization’s self-assigned system administrators, whether an agency or provider can create and manage each of their own unique users including the users’ access, credentials (login and password), and permissions and roles.

Our development team has years of experience working in the highly secure domains of healthcare and ecommerce.  Additionally, SPIRIT was architected to comply with the standards outlined by HIPAA and PCI-DSS. Our legal, advisory, and technology teams proactively monitor new developments as it relates to privacy, confidentiality and plan for updates and modifications accordingly.

A Solution For

family services


Through spirit anyone in the role of servicing at risk Families, individuals, youth etc. can connect them with the help they need in real time through advanced technology.

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law enforcement


Police officers, truancy officers, gang officials, detectives and community watch patrols can connect high risk individuals with the help they need before an offense or a repeat offense occurs based on risk factors & interests.

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school districts


Real time tracking of every youth in the system with record access at various state & local agencies help with threat assessment & guidance.

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Judicial Agencies


Courtrooms, Intake Officers, Parole Officers and more can make intelligence-based referrals from the bench or prior to appearance.

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service provider


Receive more referrals, more clients, more funding and provides real-time tracking of racking of individuals enrolled in your services through the Spirit Program.

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