SPIRIT’s System

SPIRIT’s System


SPIRIT – Created for Use on PCs, Tablets & Hand-held devices

SPIRIT is a web-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application that is loaded with technology for dispersing filtered approved information, education and referral resources to youth-serving professionals.  SPIRIT:

  • connects juvenile/family court administrators and judges, law enforcement and probation officers, social service case workers, school officials, and other public entities and related parties in a way that improves case processing and positive outcomes for youth, families and communities;
  • provides real-time information about existing community services and resources;
  • identifies effective interventions based on an individual’s age, gender, risk factors, interests, geographic location and other relevant criteria;
  • connects youth to virtual treatment, language translations, calendar alerts and transportation services;
  • delivers around-the-clock treatment, mentoring programs and positive feedback via PC and/or tablet or other hand held devices;
  • offers service providers valuable tools and features for increased efficiency, accountability and visibility;
  • meets the highest industry encryption standards to protect private information;
  • allows agencies to individually set access parameters and levels for their system users; and provides the most up-to-date technology with ongoing upgrades and improvements, consistent with SPIRIT’s enhancement model.

A Solution For

family services


Through spirit anyone in the role of servicing at risk Families, individuals, youth etc. can connect them with the help they need in real time through advanced technology.

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law enforcement


Police officers, truancy officers, gang officials, detectives and community watch patrols can connect high risk individuals with the help they need before an offense or a repeat offense occurs based on risk factors & interests.

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school districts


Real time tracking of every youth in the system with record access at various state & local agencies help with threat assessment & guidance.

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Judicial Agencies


Courtrooms, Intake Officers, Parole Officers and more can make intelligence-based referrals from the bench or prior to appearance.

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service provider


Receive more referrals, more clients, more funding and provides real-time tracking of racking of individuals enrolled in your services through the Spirit Program.

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